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19 Oct 2018
It may be tempting to buy some firewood and start using your fireplace the moment the temperature drops, but doing so without a professional chimney inspection is a risk. If you didn’t have your chimney cleaned after you last used it, harmful substances like soot and creosote could have built up. Using your fireplace with these in your chimney can be a fire risk. Furthermore, they can prevent dangerous gases like carbon monoxide from properly venting through your chimney and out of your house.

Make sure to schedule a chimney inspection so that when you use your fireplace for the first time, you do so with the knowledge that it’s in perfect condition. Click here for additional information.

19 Oct 2018
The inside of a chimney is difficult to see so knowing when they need a good clean or repair can be a guessing game. If you don’t know what to look for you can easily use a damaged chimney for months, adding to existing problems. To avoid making that mistake pay attention to see if you notice any of the following. If you do, then it’s time to call the local chimney company.

The appliance connected to your chimney isn’t working efficiently. Whether it’s taking longer to start a fire in your chimney than usual or your furnace isn’t working well, this can be a sign that your chimney is clogged.
A bad odor may be a sign that harmful substances have built up on the chimney walls.
Cold air around your chimney may be a sign that there...

18 Oct 2018
It’s important to get your chimney cleaned by a professional at least once a year, and it’s just as important to do your own chimney cleaning regularly. A cleaner chimney with less buildup is easier for a professional to clean and will cost you less. Cleaning your chimney after every couple of uses can also make it safer to use by cutting down the amount of flammable creosote that sits on its wall.

There are many effective chimney soot removers available at local hardware stores that you can use to clean your chimney. Make using a chimney soot remover a habit and save money when it’s time to schedule a professional cleaning.

Chimney Cleaning Birmingham can tell you more about benefits of a clean chimney.